Technologies applied to an online management control using both the Internet and Smartphones

Timely and reliable information Control Panel Addval´s offices are located in the main business center of Santiago de Chile.
At Addval Consultoría Integral we provide our clients Accounting, Financial and Tax Outsourcing services delivering high-value information and customized reports through the most modern Information Technologies. Our commitment with our client´s needs makes us your best business partner, absolutely differentiated from others in the chilean Financial Management Services industry.

Jiaye Chile Spa

Jiaye Chile Spa,   Empresa China dedicada a proyectos de construcción.

Alfa Logistic

Alfa Logistic , expertos en logística y transporte ya es parte de clientes Addval.


HEC, Empresa Búlgara dedicada a Proyectos Fotovoltaicos se ha incorporada a nuestra cartera de clientes extranjeros.

Capacitación en IFRS

Dado que la adopción de las Normas Internacionales de Información Financiera, ya es una realidad en Chile, en ADDVAL nos estamos preparando para asumir este cambio de “lenguaje”, de tal manera de continuar ofreciendo a nuestros clientes, un

Aohata Corp

ADDVAL incorporó a su prestigiosa cartera de clientes extranjeros, al grupo japonés Aohata Corp,  quienes abren una nueva filial en Chile: Santiago Agrisupply SpA. Esta empresa, dedicada al cultivo, procesamiento, comercialización y exportación de productos agrícola, ha contratado

Accounting for Second Opinion

Second opinion accounting services involve reviewing of accounting records in order to detect failures in the information flow system or data processing, so as to ensure full compliance of company´s policies, as well as fulfillment of labor and tax laws in force.

The Inventory Process

According to customer requirements we perform inventory processes which include physical inventory taking, the correct valuation of the inventory cost for both domestic and imported products or raw materials, as well as inventory revaluation processes to fulfill tax rules in force.

The Tax Process

Involves two major working areas. First one is preparing and filing tax returns to SII both monthly and yearly such as Form 29, Form 50 and Form 22, which are generated from current company operations . Second one is related to the normal audit process made by SII

The Fixed Asset Process

Depending on customer needs some tasks we perform include: physical inventory taking , definition and proposal of fixed asset´s depreciation system due its useful life (both for tax or financial purposes), calculation of fixed asset credit for the period,  as well as complete reprocessing of customer data to